Minggu, 18 November 2007

PASCAL tutorial

This page is dedicated to teaching you to program with Borland Turbo Pascal, easily and quickly. We assume no prior programming experience but at least a basic knowledge of algebra. We provide you with all the software you will need, so if you want to learn how to program then you have come to the right place.

Why Learn Pascal?

We thought long and hard about this question. Pascal is a basic and easy to learn language. Using it teaches you important programming principles which can be applied to most other programming languages. It will also teach you skills to think through ta sks and also other skills which can be applied to many areas, including some outside computing, such as task management etc. But the most important reason to learn pascal is because it's fun and interesting. (We hope)

What would I use Pascal for?

You would use Pascal for the same things you would use any programming language. This is things such as: making games or the like, making databases, or performing repetitive calculations.

Downloading Pascal 6

To begin with you will need to download Pascal. This is Pascal 6 which is Freeware. (Pascal 7 is not however, and so we cannot give it to you). Once you have downloaded it you will need to unzip it to the appropriate directory. You can now run TURBO.EXE

You will also need to know how to use the Pascal programming environment:

Bob the Sausage

You may have noticed Bob at the top of the screen. He will appear occasionally throughout the tutorials, so watch out for him.

Right, with no further ado, let's get started:

Other lessons are:

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